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Our success is built on the strongest of foundations – quality and service.


All of our translations are subject to a rigorous proofreading process, according to the ISO 17100 translation standard. Each text is checked by a highly skilled team of proofreaders, so you can be absolutely sure that it is linguistically correct – in terms of grammar, style and content.

We assign a project manager to every job. This member of staff will act as your primary contact, provide all the information and advice you require, and ensure that your work is completed to your exact requirements, efficiently and on time.

Our guiding philosophy lies in developing personalized, cost-effective solutions for all our clients. We aim to do this by listening carefully to your needs and providing the very best service and advice.


We value your time as well as ours and always meet deadlines.  We handle orders in the shortest time, our normal rate is 2000 -2500 words a day, depending on the project scale, source text complexity and language combination, but we have scalable teams and reliable workflow in place for handling large multilingual projects (over 10000 words per day) which we do on a regular basis. However rush jobs (over 2500 words per day) with a fixed delivery time are charged extra fee.

In addition, we adhere to a number of principles constituting the appropriate code of conduct of any translator.


It takes more than a fluent language speaker or even a linguist to perform adequate translations. If what you need is NEITHER underline NOR approximate translations, you should refer to professional translators. We keep up with the times and use latest dictionaries, databases and software.


All material entrusted to us is treated with complete confidentiality and confidentiality contracts can be signed prior to any work being carried out.


Owing to a separate Internet line, we are always at your disposal (24/7) maintaining contact real-time via e-mail or Skype, which facilities troubleshooting and ensures optimal results.


Due to the fact that our headquarter is based in Eastern Europe (Lithuania) where the average salary rates are often a fraction of the Western European ones we offer our customers highly competitive prices in the European and US markets while maintaining top quality of our services attaining the cost-efficiency through handing a large volume of orders and utilization of cutting-edge CAT tools.