EUTranslators | How we work
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Using EUTranslators for legal, business, financial or technical translation in all major languages is fast, simple and secure. Accuracy, professionalism and confidentiality are our commitments to you. With a single point of contact, we handle all of your language service requirements in 3 easy steps:

1. Send Materials for Translation

Contact EUTranslators by e-mail at or by telephone at +375 29 6803864 (this number will take you directly into the Translation office). An experienced project coordinator will review your needs, confirm important deadlines, and provide you with a cost estimate. For any document translation, we will review formatting and other special requirements.

2. Staff Selection, Translation, Proofreading, QA, Formatting and Delivery Process

When we have received your approval, we select the translators and subject matter experts based on their expertise. Our DTP department prepares the documents for translation (PDF files conversion to MS Word, formatting, creating TRADOS package, document alignment).  Our hand-picked translators translate your documents into their mother tongue. The SME reviews draft translation for technical/scientific adaptation. Another native speaker performs strict proofreading and QA for overall quality style and consistency prior to final delivery. Depending on your preference, we will deliver completed documents to you via e-mail, fax, mail or express delivery service.

3. Project Completion and Invoicing

After completion of your translation assignment, we will send you an invoice or a monthly statement containing the information on all projects completed within the last 30 days.

Special payment terms and frequency are negotiated with each customer individually. We always try to meet your payment requirements – we can accept bank transfers or transfers through major money transfer systems such as PayPal and Moneybookers.