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Originally the company was founded to meet the needs of US Process Servers in 2000 and we are proud that we have 98% returned customers in this very demanding sector. Translation for International Process Service was our primary specialty. This kind of legal translation requires very specialist knowledge of the legal industry and the nuances contained within each country’s legal system. We have built teams of in-country legal translators who have previously worked within the legal sector, understand local culture and have an in depth knowledge of their particular country’s legal system. Over time, the experience and professionalism of our linguists  crossed the borders of legal subject and extended business area to other subjects and foreign markets – this is how the EUTranslators brand was established – providing support to over 100 translation agencies stationed around the world.


EUTranslators guarantees no direct contact with the final client – your client – what we can confirm by signing a confidentiality agreement. We focus mainly on cooperation with foreign translation agencies and not directly with their clients. This enables us to guarantee the security of client retention. It is very beneficial for both sides – you maintain and grow your client base and, thus, we receive more orders.

Thanks to adherence to the confidentiality arrangements and widely understood fair play, we have never abused trust of translation agencies cooperating with us, which act as intermediaries between their clients and our company. In this way, we execute orders for major corporations from around the world. We are extremely pleased that our loyalty is appreciated and that there are new companies constantly joining the circle of our clients.


Our team does not consist of accidental people. What unites us is a passion for foreign languages. We share our experience and offer mutual assistance. As we chose – considering that to be the most effective – a remote working model, there are 35 in-house experts in our office and a group of over 1000 of our translators works remotely using advanced server solutions.